WarmWire® floor heat cable is an affordable alternative to radiant heated mats. Using electric heating wire, it provides underfloor heat that helps keep bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways cozy, dry, and safe. WarmWire cable is:

  • Easily secured with CableStrap™, which holds it in place in 2.5", 3", or 3.5" spacing or using a membrane system.
  • Approved for shower installation where permitted by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • Used to warm areas as small as a powder room or as large as a 300 sq. ft. family room. Multiple cables can be wired in parallel to heat even larger areas.
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Installation and Planning Videos

SunTouch WarmWire Installation

Connect Thermostat


SunStat Command

The SunStat Command is an excellent option for controlling indoor products. This thermostat offers a full-featured touch screen with a variety of programming options that ensure maximum flexibility and energy savings. 



LoudMouth Monitor

We have a variety of products that will ease the installation process. The LoudMouth monitors electric heating wire elements during the entire installation process and sounds an alarm if the heating elements are cut or damaged.